CSH Eminent Domain - North Carolina Land Condemnation Law Firm
"Our Results At Trial Speak For Themselves"

Eminent Domain Law Group Concentrates on Land Condemnation Law Exclusively.

The firm's Land Condemnation and Eminent Domain Law Group concentrates in protecting the property rights of North Carolina residents. This group, comprised of North Carolina eminent domain lawyers George Autry, Stephanie Autry, Brady Wells, and case manager Susan Talbert, work exclusively on eminent domain North Carolina.

The firm and its lawyers are uniquely positioned to protect the property rights of their clients. Attorney George B. Autry has more than twenty years of experience practicing eminent domain North Carolina. In fact, every attorney in the Land Condemnation and Eminent Domain Law Group has more than a decade of experience representing clients in eminent domain proceedings in North Carolina. They don't need to tell you how much this experience has benefited their clients - their results at trial speak for themselves.

In commenting on his firm's experience, partner George B. Autry, Jr. stated that the firm's "results over a decade have laid the groundwork for our future clients to have better settlement opportunities because the DOT or the condemnor... knows that we will be there, that we are willing and able to try the case and that we'll get good results when we do."

The Land Condemnation and Eminent Domain Law Group at Cranfill, Sumner & Hartzog prides itself on its ability to maximize the compensation that property owners receive if their property rights are affected by an eminent domain taking in North Carolina. A sampling of the verdicts and settlements they have achieved for their clients includes:

A $15.8 million settlement, an almost 250 percent increase over the initial offer of $4.8 million.
A $1.5 million settlement, approximately ten times more than the initial offer of $146,500.
A $708,000 verdict, more than 60 times the initial offer of $10,400.
A $5.4 million settlement, which was twice the initial offer of $2.7 million.

The success of the firm in obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements in eminent domain proceedings is premised on the firm's reputation for achieving impressive results and the level of preparation that the firm and its lawyers devote to each of their cases. The firm began when Mr. Autry discovered that there were very few experienced lawyers representing property owners in eminent domain in North Carolina. As a result, the property owners in North Carolina were at a distinct disadvantage and it was difficult for property owners to find legal representation that they could trust would have the necessary eminent domain experience and preparation.

The lawyers in the Eminent Domain North Carolina Law Group at Cranfill, Sumner & Hartzog understand how important it is to earn and keep their clients' trust. "People often come to us with a unique desperation for somebody to trust," said Mr. Autry "and I think we have shown through our results that we are worthy of that trust."

To learn about their record setting settlement read their current press release at: prweb.com/releases/EminentDomain/NorthCarolina/prweb11721173.htm

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