Panasonic Analogue 1rst Generation Video using one and then three solar panels. An experiment in living high in the cold E Mountains of Washington State with nothing to start with but a couple hundred dollars and 7 kids.

Edited on a Panasonic AG 1950 and an Amiga computer running on solar. Original sound with prerecorded original music by me, Bob Shannon and Jack Leung my Mendocino guru.

From my Free Book Available at:
Coyote; Guide to Wilderness Living (c)1992:


If you have 50 grand and 20 acres, you can clear cut the tamarac, gravel your drive, buy 8 panels with passive tracker and have professionals set it all up including your satellite TV dish... ....On the other in the true wilderness and using creative and intuitive resources can be very enlightening.

Our family moved onto 20 acres in Washington State in 1988. We have survived 4 harsh winters and many other glorious, colorful seasons. Quaking Aspen are bare in the deepest of winter, yet are the barometer of spring and the color of fall. They also point clearly to where underground water reaches near the surface. A grove of aspen with serviceberry bushes and moss is a sure place to dig 20 feet and find potable water.

When we first came to this mountain retreat, we lit with kerosene and 12 volt car lights hooked to old car batteries. Our initial cabin was 300 square feet for 2 adults and 5 kids. Now that may sound like a small place but when you consider the thousands of acres of living room and den, you start following the kids down those long trails into who knows where. The results are more of a trip inside your own spirit. You can lay aside your Castenada book for a piece of personal reality.

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