The Pentecostal Church of God, (as other Christians religions), a wedding is a binding relationship established by promises, the marriage covenant is solemnly sealed by a ceremony witnessed by family and friends and regulated by the state.A Pentecostal Church of God, wedding ceremony consists of certain traditions; however, you can incorporate innovative ideas to your ceremony to make it more memorable. Gisela and Armando choose to sing to each other while involving the congregation to make it even more interesting wedding.The christian Batucada spice it up to puertorrican level. Gisela de León & Armando Muñoz
Cordinadora: Ana Agosto (787)531-9851
Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal M.I.(Pentecostal Church of God)
Recepción: centro de Convenciones Ciudad Educativa (787) 266-1617
Fotos: Keren Photography (787) 462-2986

Grupo Musical:
La Cuerda que Falta (787) 597-3589
Batucada Cristiana Batuqueadora 787-450-1841
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