My name is Adam Perez and I’m co-producing a feature documentary with my partner Jan Hendrik Hinzel entitled “who we become”. The film is about building a trans family, focusing on a makeshift family bonded by the search for community. We are also following a trans couple who runs the only transgender clinic in the Bronx.

We are reaching out to different organizations and people to spread the word out about the film. We know that you work with trans issues. If you have any suggestions, or advice for us, we would love to hear it. Hendrik and I are working with the Bronx Documentary Center, but we’ve financed, produced, edited, designed everything ourselves.

Below we included links to our different social media platforms. We are planning a crowdfunding campaign in mid-September and are hoping to raise $5000 before the official launch. We would also appreciate it if you could share the information about the film with your community and network.

We hope to hear from you and garner your support.





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