This video is not a scientific test; using an early firmware (0.5) so kindly don’t judge from the results the performance of the final production camera version.

I was offered the chance to play with a GH4 with its latest quasi-stable early firmware 0.5
This test was exclusively conducted to better understand the differences between all the new features and options the camera is offering in terms of Color Profiles Customization.

I managed to conduct other tests for additional features for almost a week now and will be sharing more soon.
I’m writing a full review to be published soon that will tackle all aspects of my tests as well as my personal and professional opinions about the camera.

I believe this test has proven to me that GH4 has gone strides ahead in the right direction of cinema profiles after missing such Profile options and customizations in the previous models.

Video Settings:
25 FPS
200 Mbps
Shutter Angle 180
ISO 200

Lumix G 12-35mm 2.8

Music Credits:
"Way Back" by Willbe (willbe.bandcamp.com/)

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