The founder of the Russian investment company, Sferiq, had a very strong sense of the companyʼs future, and a visionary desire to nurture fast-moving businesses with a creative mindset, especially in technology, art and architecture.

the new brand in a 60-second film, bringing to life the proposition ʻbringing balance to the worldʼ, delivered through the creative platform ʻDynamic Equilibriumʼ.

I set about designing and directing a set of striking, hypnotic, and mesmerizing stand-alone sequences that would work cumulatively and harmoniously when woven together. The overall visual dynamic is one of a circular motion of elements, creating a revolving colour spectrum that evolves over the 60-second life of the film.

Working with Asylum, I commissioned several models to be built, and these were put through several weeks of testing. Various individual materials were also tested for texture and viscosity. The film was created in live action sequences, on camera, supporting the brandʼs own belief in creative origination.

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Director: Elie Zaccour
Creative Director (Motion): Elie Zaccour
DOP: Tim Green
Art Department: Asylum SFX
Editor: Vid Price
Post Production: Smoke & Mirrors
Music Composer: Miguel Simões
Creative Director (Brand): David Jenkinson
Senior Client Director: Joanna Jenkins
Head of Verbal Identity: Chris Davenport
Designer (Brand): Mariana Lancastre
Motion Designer (Logo Animation): Joao Monteiro
In association with: Interbrand

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