Video Loop/Installation. Varied Sizes and Configurations. trt 12 min
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The men stand upright throughout their sessions, yet they break stance at intervals to stretch, to straighten up, to open their hands. I've asked the men to close their eyes at specific times, so we can see them without their gaze back at us. The closing of the eyes is important for this sense of relaxation. It also adds layers of watching, for the viewer and the viewed. I asked them to "Breathe. Imagine yourself as a rocket. Imagine that you are floating in space.”
I’m inspired by the Surrealists, by contemporaries such as Marina Abramowiz, and also by Jasper Johns. I love how Johns discussed iconic objects and how an artist can participate in dissipating their iconic power. I thought, how can I do this with the male figure?

This project was funded in part by the SF Arts Commission.

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