I just so happen to stumble upon some old footage that I had taken on a random day downtown. So I decided to put together a small short. I tried to focus on the little details with what I was shooting. It was such a lazy day during the week that not too much was going on downtown.

Millennium Park might as well have been a ghost town. When I captured the Bean landmark, there wasn't anyone else around. Usually the Bean is swamped with tourists taking photos. The fact that I was able to capture some of the emptiness of the park was pretty lucky, and I ended up getting a pretty cool shot of a tourist in the Bean.

I mostly kept the camera on a tripod. I tried very hard to focus on just framing a shot, and waiting for someone or something to walk into the frame to become the subject. A lot of trial and error, and a lot of waiting. Patience is definitely a must. I mostly used my 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 kit lens to snipe shots from afar. Again, it was simply point, shoot, and wait for something to happen in frame.

I also used my 24-105mm f/4 IS for various shots. That is a great lens as well. So the whole time shooting, my aperture never stopped down past f/4. I'm ok with that through. I used a Canon 5D Mark II on a tripod and avoided trying to get handheld shots. I've recently gotten my hands on the ProRes 422 HQ codec. I used Adobe Premiere to edit with ProRes 422 clips to uncompress the H.264 data and allow more color correction detail without creating artifacts or splitting my clips. Very happy with the results.

I really enjoyed myself shooting this way, and I feel that I can really achieve more powerful, interesting videos in the future using this similar style. This won't be the last video like this. Philip Bloom has really inspired this type of shooting. A lot of his videos are shot while testing equipment, but he still manages to tell a story through random imagery and putting together a story. A true master of his craft.

Music by Tony Anderson
"Hold On"

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