*EDIT* Thank You to everyone who played along with our April Fool's fun! A very special Mahalo to Stuart Yoshida of the OokTown Podcast - Aldrine was recently on Episode 17 of the OokTown Podcast ( ooktown.com/ep-17-wanna-go-to-casa-bonita ), where he and fellow guests, EP Davis, Gerald Ross, and Doug Brown discuss, among other things, ukulele iPhone Apps - where our April Fool's video drew much of its inspiration. Also thanks to Mim ( mimsukes.com/ ) and Mike ( mikehind.com/ ) for inspiring the joke about the many wildly different pronunciations of "Aquila."

And for everyone searching for the "perfect set" of ukulele strings, good luck! As we've always recommended: try out many different types of strings, play you ukulele, and find what feels and sounds good to YOU. Rock on, uke players. Rock on.

"Ook"Strngrz™ and the OokStrngrz logo are registered trademarks of the Ukulele Underground Company. Use of the Ook Strngrz app for other than its intended purpose is strictly prohibited.

Available for iPhones 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, and 5S

Welcome to the future of Ukulele! With the NEW "Ook" Strngrz App, the search for the perfect ukulele strings is over.

In the past, ukulele players have spent many hours trying out different makes, types, and gauges of strings on their favorite ukulele, searching for the perfect set, listening and testing to find the strings that sounded and felt right to them.

But that was the past. OokStringrz is the FUTURE. Backed by thousands of hours of testing and 100% science, our research and development team has created a breakthrough App to end your string search forever.

OookStrngrz functions in three distinct modes: text, Photo., and Vibration. Simply enter the make/model, take a photo of your ukulele, or hold your iPhone to it to detect your ukuleles unique vibration signature, and OokStrngrz will do the rest. Finding the perfect string combination for your particular ukulele is a *snap*!

For more information, check out ukuleleunderground.com or download the OokStrngrz App in the App Store.

-UU Staff

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