Kate Brown, Neil Adger and Tim Daw contributed to the the FAO's Technical Paper on Fisheries and Aquaculture.

"Marine and freshwater ecosystems will be profoundly affected by processes like ocean acidification, coral bleaching and altered river flows with obvious impacts on fisherfolk." explained Tim Daw, "but it is not just about what happens to the fish."
"Fishing communities are vulnerable to sea level rise and their livelihoods are threatened by storms and extreme weather. Meanwhile, the social and economic context of fisheries will be disrupted by impacts on security, migration, transport and markets."

"Fisheries are already rapidly evolving due to overexploitation and globalisation. They will suffer from a wide range of different impacts from climate change, which may be unpredictable and surprising"

"The poorest will be least able to adapt to these impacts. For example in Kenya poorer fishers were shown to be less likely to switch to other livelihoods if catches declined."

Neil Adger observed, "Climate change is going to be a huge challenge to every sector of society and what we're learning about fisheries shows how difficult adaptation will be, particularly for the poorest parts of the World"

Tim is a lecturer in Natural resources at UEA's School of International Development (DEV) , for more info



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