Neil Adger on: "Four Reasons for Concern About Adaptation to Climate Change"

1. contractions and uncertainties in the window of opportunity for adaptation;
2. The difference between adaptive capacity and adaptive action;
3. The risk of maladaptation;
4. Misguided measures of loss.

Underlying these is what we perceive to be a widespread belief that adaptation will be smooth, cheap, and easy to implement. The reality may be that adaptation to climate risks may be punctuated, messy, more costly than we are willing to pay, and be at odds with legitimate values and strongly held convictions.

Neil is Leader of Tyndall's adaptation programme, specifically working to define the relationship between resilience and adaptation, social, institutional and coginitive barriers to adaptation, and is facilitating a synthesis workshop on limits to adaptation and resilience building. Neil was has led Tyndall's adaptation theme of research since 2000.

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