An Airbus A330 from tail to the cockpit.

Final movie:

The take in this making of was not the one we used for the final movie. We only had one hour to get the shot - thats enough time for about 5 takes. One take took about 3 minutes and although it looks fairly easy - it wasn't. We tested different walking techniques and had a thought-out movement for both, the camera and the remote. It looks kind of spacious with the 16mm, but those hallways were super tight, especially going backwards.

We shot with a 5DMK3 and a 16-35mm on a BeSteady one (not in follow mode).

This film is part of an online brand experience plattform for the Swiss International Air Lines.

Overall responsibility: Hinderling Volkart
Concept: Hinderling Volkart / LAUSCHSICHT
Online plattform: Hinderling Volkart (
Moving Images: LAUSCHSICHT (

Concept and Direction: Kevin Blanc / Alain Renold
Camera (walking): Kevin Blanc
Camera (remote control): Alain Renold
Post-Production: Alain Renold / Kevin Blanc
Producer: Muriel Droz
Music: Michael Ricar (


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