Castrate all males.

Mix semen with the plants. Mix semen with the plants. Mix semen with the plants. Mix semen with the plants. Mushroom fungus will work best.

The males are preventing any alter production. They only believe in reproduction. Mix semen with the plants.

The word female was created by what is known as male. The word male is apart of language which was also created by male. Male is man as in hu-man. Female is anything that is not male. Maybe "fe" means foe as in enemy. Fomale meaning enemy of male. Woman means woe man. Woe is sorrow and distress. The males created the language to cast them out.

All males are greedy rapist misogynists. They should be castrated. Gender does not exist but anybody labeled male should not exist.

This new world that we might evolve to by mixing with the mushrooms will solve the gender crisis. Many think that gender exists. It was created to make segregation. Label and divide. In the fungus society there are no labels. Everything is free and the population needs to grow.

Mushrooms are fungus. We produce fungus so our sperm might mix with mushroom.

If you boil water with meat the fat will extract and combine with hydrogen and oxygen. Plants require H2O which is contained in human semen, so my theory is that the semen can be used for planting instead of water. The sperm seed will eventually extract and combine with the plants.

What do we have to lose? We might as well start integrating the semen into the mushroom spore. The spore is produced. We produce. Prolong the activity for the long run.

Sperm can be used to hybridize with nature. Mushrooms will be the portal because of its unique reproduction and rapid growth. The mushroom kingdom, no the mushroom society. It will be the fourth dimension where death is obsolete.

Review. Anarchy is good. Misogyny is the worst problem. Plant semen.

Sperm and spore for life.

We as a society need to plant semen into the ground constantly. It has soil. Don't you think the energy will eventually bond?

The rapid mushroom growth is essential to the hypothesis. The spore could act as an egg that could welcome the sperm.

Perhaps hybridization will occur between sperm and mushroom spore. Mushrooms are similar to animals.

If I time it right I could inject the semen as soon as the plant seed opens up.

Albert Einstein said E=mc2. He should have said E=m. Energy equals mass. Semen will coexist with land.

Maybe when the plant seed opens up the sperm will enter.

How could you possibly think semen has one use?

I cannot wait to get a blowjob from a venus fly trap. It will be good for humanity.

New plan. I'm going to get a venus fly trap and feed it cum. Semen fly trap.

We have to constantly prolong mass amounts of semen into the ground.

Here is the proposition. Semen farms. Semen soil will create more plants.

You are jealous that I'm a virgin. You wish you could be pure again. Jealous fuck wads.

People think it's cool not to be a virgin. That is a form of misogyny.

Okay I admit it I'm a virgin. No now I won't be popular.

All you have to do is know what's going on.

There's this nature show. The male bird approaches the female bird and dances around to impress the female bird who flies away. I hate that male bird because of misogynistic intimidation.

Americans are rapists.

All men do is rape.

Not being a feminist is as bad as rape.

Wikipedia says misogyny is the hatred of girls. No surprise the site's founder is a man. It does not say it is the worst problem. Fuck Jimmy Wales.

I am going to dip my penis in boiling water to brew penis tea. You can taste the smegma.

America is misogyny. A male is a label. A female is a label. I think males are the world problem. It must be the testosterone which is causing worldly discomfort. It is about time to recognize the fault in America.

My ejaculation makes old faithful look like a squirt gun.

Okay I'm done talking about jizzing in plants. Let's talk about politics. Politically I think we should jizz in plants.

Sperm produces birth. Semen will introduce re birth.

Maybe we could have jizz farms. We will cum on nature.

Time to produce semen. Oh shoot I ran out of hand lotion I guess I have to use hot sauce.

Fine I will do the experiment myself. Hypothesis: If I plant a tulip with semen it will grow with significant variation.

As I have said before, semen has other use besides reproduction. Right?

Changing the subject, the military is evil but real soldiers are good yet manipulated by the American government.

If you plant semen it will grow. Just mix it with water.

I'm sorry but I present to you the sexual generation. I know you are uncomfortable talking about it you losers.

Yes! I finally masturbated five times in one day. New record. I need to start collecting my semen.


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