Another 7D test you're thinking! And you're right!

I'm pretty sure everyone who buy this amazing HD DSLR post his own 7D test videos!

But it's a good way to test the camera and to share it with everyone.

On this one, I shot Vancouver's downtown by night to see how the 7D reacts in low lights. And the fact is that it's truly amazing!

I shot most of the footages in 60fps and some in 24fps.

I used a lens Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Shutter speed was 1/50 in 24p and 1/125 in 60p to match the 180 degree shutter rule.

Post-prod in FCP with the traditional workflow + color grading with color and magic bullet.

About some problems: I pushed the ISO a little too high sometimes, which gave me some noise.

I shot everything handheld and it was not the best idea! (but I didn't had the time to take my tripod) : FCP smooth cam is a great tool but doesn't fixe everything and most of all, it blur a little bit the picture.

For the color grading, I tried to match a picture a just made:

If you have any questions just let me know!

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