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  1. james wentzy

    james wentzy

    video by 

  2. Jean Carlomusto, Catherine Gund

    Jean Carlomusto, Catherine Gund

    Archival video footage 

  3. Julie Clark, Elaine Angelopoulos

    Julie Clark, Elaine Angelopoulos


  4. John Schabel, Tony Arena

    John Schabel, Tony Arena


  5. Dean Lance, Tim McCarthy

    Dean Lance, Tim McCarthy


  6. Shraga Lev, Andrew Chang

    Shraga Lev, Andrew Chang


  7. James Wentzy

    James Wentzy

    Archival video footage 

  8. New York Public Library

    New York Public Library

    AIDS Activist Video Preservation Project 

  9. Testing the Limits Collective

    Testing the Limits Collective


  10. GMHC Audio Visual Dept

    GMHC Audio Visual Dept


  11. DIVA TV Collective

    DIVA TV Collective


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"Fight Back, Fight AIDS: 15 Years of ACT UP" (2002)  76:00

"Fight Back, Fight AIDS: 15 Years of ACT UP" (2002) 76:00” by james wentzy has 11 people who starred in or helped make this video.

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