A performance work by Felipe Ehrenberg, in memory of Guillermo Bonfil Batalla, based en sundry sources (all open) and of course, intuition.

Multimedia track by Macario Ortega Ramírez y Ehrenberg/MORE, based on texts by F. Ehrenberg and Nicolás de Jesús, and images of public domain (such as Codex Borgia).
Sound Works by MORE and Ángel Sánchez Borges
Video documentation by Will Wright and ...

Performance commissioned by the University of Essex
©2009 ®2009-2010 Felipe Ehrenberg

Cast of thousands!
Lyndy Brown, Dawn Rose, Priscila Buschinelli, Genine Sumner, Aine Pullan, Faye-Justine Watson, Magdalena Kleszcz, Hannah Bettany, Sapphire Spratt, Adelina Stuparu, Rachel Waddon, Alise Cacure, Lauren Harris.

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