Music video of a song entitled The Musketeers by Shoveltrapez.

The first of March 2014 at the time 15.30 in the afternoon we started the shooting at Suisto-club where we had only like two hours to wrap up the bar scenes. Although we realized that we can’t get even near to the results what the original script is eager to have we did not despond. We started to film scenes which we’re in the the script and material which was not in the script like bunch of motivated hard working motherfuckers! We didn’t worry about the time we just did what we could at that schedule with our cooperative drive, energy and tenacity. We fulfilled our plan as well as we could and fuck yeah that was enough! From Suisto-club we moved to continue filming to our bands sanctuary and base which is a place called Tehdasvilla at Parola Rock City. We had the atmosphere, the attitude, the expertise, inventiveness and the fun which gave us the strength and power to complete our mission with filming all the needed material for this video. Sweat (and alcohol beverages!) was running like Niagara Falls and that’s the way we pulled it off. The way we like it best.
Huge thanks for talented acting and the best assistance for Uncle Aitch, Jay, Jartsu the Chef, Antti Kess, Pinja Narmala and Tommi Kurki. Greatest, an insane fucking thanks to Petja Narmala who was the wizard and a true sensei in this project from the very beginning to the very end. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Fall in love with it or hate it
Cry actual tears of sorrow because of it or laugh to it
Praise it or curse it to a place where hell is a freezing place
Get haunted by it or let it set you free
Get confused or enlighten
MOSH your head off or don’t move at all
We don’t care
As long as you feel something
Check it out
How was it?

We sure as hell fucking love it!

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