PLATFORM SPECTRUM is made exclusive for Final Cut Pro X, with over 60 environment shots, 4 transitions, 2 lower thirds, two title/text scenes, and a logo key. Control the colors of the particles, background, and platform all within FCPX. Create a professional quality video without the experience of a seasoned video editor. Simply drag, drop, and stylize with ease. Pixel Film Studios' themes makes amazing easy.

PLATFORM SPECTRUM allows FCPX users to make media shine in this beautiful environment. Create new particles by colorizing and randomizing the position of these sparkly nodes. Mix and match the platform and background colors to create new looks. Throw in some matching light transitions to move seamlessly from clip to clip.

All of Pixel Film Studio themes are compatible with pictures and videos. Place in any personal images or video clips within the easy to use drop zones. Change the color of the drop zone frame to match the colors of media within the designated drop zone areas.

PLATFORM SPECTRUM requires no keyframes. This means less time editing and more time enjoying the finished video for Final Cut Pro X users. Choose from over 60 environment shots with a wide range of dynamic camera shots including booms, sweeps, dollys, and more!

Use customizable drop zones within Final Cut Pro X. Easily adjust the scale and position of personal media by using the on-screen controls. Activate these easy to use controls by double clicking within the FCPX. Alternatively, use the controls within the inspector window.

Change up PLATFORM SPECTRUM in Final Cut Pro X. Easily create new looks by adjusting color of the platform, background, and particles. Find the adjustable parameters on the top right of the Final Cut Pro X browser in the inspector window. Simply drag your media into the easy to use drop zones and watch PLATFORM SPECTRUM come to life without a single keyframe!

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