Esquire had asked me to do a live song for them over the weekend, and I readily agreed. My life has changed since they ran that piece on HSB and the least I could do to show my appreciation was make a little music for them:).

The cover series continues...with one for Jim N! You know, I feel so grateful to have so many people out there who believe in me so much that they're willing to support my Kickstarter projects - but on top of THAT, they enjoy INCREDIBLE music. I feel so spoiled:)!!

I've covered Radiohead before - I think it goes without saying that I think they're the shiznit. They do the kind of music they want - regardless of what everyone else thinks - and still, they kill it every time. Every time I hear one of their records, I'm filled with so much joy to be listening to such an amazing work of art - and so incredibly bummed that I'm not there yet as an artist. My only hope is that one day, with tons of work, I'll get there...

As always, say WASABI!:
Say WASABI on Twitter: @iamkawehi
Check out the piece on Esquire:


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