In 1964 the iconic Woolmark symbol was born. For the past 50 years it has acted as a quality assurance mark, and with more than 5 billion products adorned by the iconic symbol, Woolmark has become the best-known textile brand in the world.

The Woolmark Company - owner of the Woolmark brand – has teamed up with British animator Cyriak and Australian musician Ben Ely to produce a snapshot of the past 50 years of fashion and the influential role wool has had within the global fashion industry.

Known for his surreal short web animations, Cyriak has taken footage from The Woolmark Company’s archives to showcase a kaleidoscopic mash-up of fashion from the 1960s to today. Presented to the tune of Ben Ely’s composition, the musician from Australian indie rock band Regurgitator has mixed musical genres to complement each decade of visuals.

“The idea was to divide the film into sections representing decades from 1960 to the present, each decade having a different look that somehow mirrored the period while also being modern. I wanted it to be a kaleidoscope of fashion imagery that was visually intense but still retained recognisable moments from well-known designs and models from the past,” explains Cyriak upon completion of the film.

For the music, Ely said he simply followed his instincts in regards to the styles from each era.

“I usually start with a drum track and build it from there. With the 60s I had to have a bossa nova beat as that style was new and popular during that time and I also wanted to add a droning sitar like guitar part. The other decades were pretty straight forward: 70s disco funk, I wanted to do punk although I saved that sound for the 90s grunge section, 80s flock of seagulls colliding with men without hats, and 00s intense banging electro music. I discovered as long as the tempo and the key signature were the same then the different parts seemed to fit together fine. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride, but I like it like that.”

Archival footage was licensed from British Movietone, AP Archive and The Woolmark Company's own footage vaults.

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