Editors' Lounge presents the 11th Annual Pre-NAB Discussion Panel with Debra Kaufman and featuring Terence Curren, Michael Kammes, Ramy Katrib and Mark Raudonis discussing the current state of editing and post-production, looking at what to expect for this year's NAB and peering ahead to trends for 2014 and beyond. The event was held on Friday March 21st at Key Code Media in Burbank.

Jump Directly to Question Topics:
00:05 Premiere editing
00:34 Network deliverables
00:59 Ultra HD 4:4:4
01:55 FCP X
02:51 Post-production in "the cloud"
08:47 Asset management
12:55 Outsourcing
14:40 File sizes / transfer bandwidth
16:15 Is "the cloud" hurting local production companies?
16:42 Runaway production / tax incentives
17:40 Google Glass
18:52 Mobile / distibution
19:32 Content / visual literacy
21:55 Broadcast spectrum
22:40 NAB
25:35 Educated people on set using creative metadata
26:14 Will Google/Apple have exclusive content like Netflix?
26:39 Avid doubling down on Avid Everywhere
27:31 Google's bandwidth experiment in Kansas City

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