While on a trip with family and friends down in the Mayan Riviera, Matt, one of my close friends asked me for a favor. A favor that turned into the coolest engagement session I have ever been a part of.

As the clip shows, Matt and Arbella ( I call her Bells ) are seen walking to where our group usually meets in the evening to have dinner together at the resort. I am hiding like a ninja in the bushes armed with my telephoto lens. Matt spots something strange off of the path and decides to investigate. Oh look, a bottle. And there's something inside that looks like a note! Now this may sound cheesy but it couldn't have worked any better. I instructed Matt earlier where I would be located in regards to where the bottle was planted and it would be up to him to make sure they were both in a position where I can get a perfect shot of everything happening without having them overlap each other in my frame. Perfection. The shot of Matt going into his pants to retrieve the ring box while Bells is dealing with the note ( after they dropped it in a little puddle of water trying to extract it from the bottle ) was on the money!

Her reaction is perfect as she turns around to see Matt on one knee. At this point I am fighting off tears, but didn't lose focus--literally. I came out of hiding firing shots as I made my way towards them while they embraced. Bells didn't have a clue until I was right beside them being the first to congratulate them.
These photos are just awesome. This April marks the 4 year anniversary of this proposal and it will live forever in our memories and in these photos. I love you guys!

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