Music by Chris Smith:

Read by Diana Harmon Garnand: @diana-harmon-garnand

Poem by Taymaz Valley:

Love Will Set You Free

I am a stranger looking for that moment of clarity,
every nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned,
for a moment so precious, no gold shall ever compare,
no diamond glistening will do, no silk smooth enough.

I've walked this earth without fear, from the farthest point,
from continent to continent, from country to country,
tasting every delight, rain from every sky drop by drop,
and yet never belonged, my soul never took that flight.

I'm bound to this body, failing to break through my skin,
touching your cheeks, tears role down mine relentlessly,
because I realize I'm only touching myself, never penetrating,
I cannot selfishly feel you my dear, I cannot see what you see.

My thoughts can travel the galaxies, my imagination soaring,
but I know I shall never know the real truth, that limitless key,
that true simplicity, because I'm imprisoned in this mortal cage,
only to be released in the end, when the grim gatekeeper sets me free.

If this life is a journey, then you are the universe I seek,
and I can only promise to love you dearly, without hesitation,
without asking for anything in return, not even your devotion,
as knowing myself can only be through the love found in me.

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