I created this comprehensive composition in After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Nuke 6/NukeX.

The biggest challenge was rotoing the talent against the desk, given the lack of greensceen. I tried doing the keying in AE (talent-based and luma-based desktop), but couldn't create a good mask without Primatte. Given the extensive nature of motion blur, Keylight alone seemed inadequate.

I ended up using NukeX, breaking down the key into 2 arm keys (inner and outer skin tones), hair key, black part of the sleeve key, and a face key (mostly around the lips). I created a fairly comprehensive garbage matte to keep out the desk and used the new paint/roto tools to get rid of matte holes and retouch the lines. Because motion blur was impacted, I added it back in AE with RSMB Pro.

All the graphic elements (music widgets, scroll bars, etc.) were started or done in Photoshop and Illustrator. Using smart objects, I was able to make changes to one items (music icon) which would update the rest. The table graphics where composited in a normal composition, then corner pinned in the scene footage.

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