During the LISD PTA Trustee Candidate Forum on March 25th, 2014, there were many insightful answers from all candidates.

Question 2:
Technology funding from the 2008 bond fund has risen from $63 million to $103 million. How is the board monitoring that these funds are spend efficiently and wisely? Would you do anything differently?

LISD School Board President Carol Kyer: "In 2008 we did have the bond, the bond package was for $63 million, but we also since then have put wireless hubs in all of our schools. Every room has a wireless hub and you see you have four here and this is so we can access Internet. We have some buildings that were below the necessary needs that they needed in order to have access to this. Teachers were getting frustrated because they couldn't access it, they were constantly either their system was going down, and that was because they didn't have the proper access. We have schools that the wiring didn't make it, so that's when, this is what your spending the money on, this and the iPads, and building up the technology, which, in this day and age, you need technology, and you have to spend money on it. Unfortunately, if you don't want to spend money on technology, then you need to go live with the aamish, or Amish. Thank you."

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