Shaina Lynn performing "Pay Attention" her new poem debuting at the 2014 SheRocks Awards.
It was an honor to be awarded at SheRocks 2014. I am blessed to have graced the stage after many other influential and dynamic women shared their gift. Thank you to Love Life Media for producing a great event. Again thank you to everyone in the audience. And thank you for watching.

Taken from the land separated from the better half of him
Meet woman.
Gods most sacred creation
Built with enough strength and love to birth the nations
and with enough patience,
to watch them all stray.
Once the greatest glimpses of God on earth, we the people have downsized our pride to mirth.
But it really isn’t funny
That our children give up their glory for money
trade traditions for twerkin
give up community for sake of working, but somehow are still struggling to survive.
Look into my eyes and seep the soul of the powerful pain as I look back at our beautiful black babies dying
My mind as mother wonders how can I realign them
stars in my eyes before they become the stars in the sky.
I realize that our fate lies with I
The power to change man is something only the womb can
So lets plan to plant seeds victory
Lets put the U N I back in UNIty
And lets breathe
At least for a minute
No this isn’t a gimmick
This is pure persistence to get us to receive respond and listen/reactivate our mission
Pay attention we on a mission
They planted crack back in the back to kill our “hood” politicians but we don’t want to talk about that though we should
Pay attention we on a mission
We can’t keep raising dysfunctional men and women
No we don’t have to mate with an incapable man
then raise his son alone subconsciously repeating the same cycle again
Pay attention we on a mission
Don’t talk just listen a new dimension we proposition
As I daughters fall short of the glory We’re not showing enough love to them their hearts grow cold each second of the story
This is unbalanced
Pay attention we on a mission
To heal ourselves first cause ain’t no sense of trying to grow a garden when the soil aint got no worth
Lets pick up the dirt
Wash away the hurt
And lets make this thing work together.
Copyright 2014 Shaina Lynn

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