formeranywhere is a project to celebrate creativity in any given shape.
We're used to say our collections are at our clients disposal. They can be modify to get them higher, longer, coloured, we're able to do it because is all about craftmenship. Yes we are. That's why we got into this project, that's why we decided to chose four beautiful minds, italian minds. Young ladies & one gent full of passions, know how and desires. Each one of them have different needs, differents houses or worplaces. Fomer can be placed anywhere in any form, anywhere you are. We can do it, and we did it.

the last episode : Jack Jaselli

Jack is a friend, a great performer a passionate guy, a waves lover, a book eater, a tattos beliver.
He's so full of energy and positive vibes. Music is his life, his job, his goal. His house is an authentic and elegant music cove, overwhelmed by written words, notes, guitars, tiny characters representing infamous people & cartoons. Jack is a randomic soul, always looking to escape where the Ocean lives and waves rolling but the music is with him. The object he decided to show us is a small Ukulele, the guitar he's used to go around the world with. A way to remind him his place, because anywhere is where the heart lives.
The music of this video is by Jack Jaselli himself.

Videomaker Mattia Buffoli
Photographer Camilla Ronzullo

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