Directors: Stoltze and Stefanie
Video: Andres Burgos
Casting Director: Edward Kim at The Edit Desk
Styling: Alison Mazur and Asger Juel Larsen
Makeup and Hair: Roy Liu
Photography Assistant: Kasper Hjorth
Models: Jeremy Matos, Eric Shostak at Red NYC, Nicole Abt at The Society NYC

Society has become a dystopian dagger to the senses, defining imagination as treason and establishing mindless existence as propaganda for the 'proper'. In a city that was created by a generic computer game click, those brave few that thought 'fuck it' to that bleak bubble, burst it by going out headbanging, chewing some gum, and encouraging a rave in a supermarket car park. They were sent to the mental hospital and forced to watch daytime TV in straight jackets... little did the system realize that these rebels were busy creating a world of their own.

Losing themselves in a mindset so personal that melancholy becomes a mosh pit and isolation from sound creates a self made siren, loneliness found a luxury that intoxicated a triple distilled dream world in their heads, custom made to execute the ordinary and garnish the ghastly.

Asger's SS14 collection has this psychotic bliss about it, where a chilled out aesthetic medicates the hardness that he's known for. These are schizophrenic aspirations, putting standard styles in surgery jackets to set free a new breed of surreal.

Jackets are at war with prints, creating a jungle and jigsaw of direction and shapes, encouraged to fuck with the eyes and form a unique opinion. This is heritage that hopes you hellraise.

H.R.Giger, welder of otherworldly creatures such as Alien, could easily be the architect for the environment Asger dresses for. Like biomechanical brothers, Asger's interest in the disturbing and sublime, the man and the machine, is absolute Giger education.

Biker bomber jackets and trousers are dipped in a clockwork digital print like a treasure chest of insanity that you want a piece of. If the unknown depths of the sea unveiled creatures from space and sci-fi found an industrial home in the aquatics, these prints are the machine world on the bottom of the ocean. Imagine urban cowboys in forward thinking tracksuits, where sportswear has an intensity and madness about it, and regal is sent to offbeat shores.

In this dream land of athletic rock and roll, boxing shorts are put together with a fitted button down shirt or a double breasted suit, a oversize jacket is surprised with a neoprene hood, and just about anything go's, as punk is so pick'n'mix for the professional mentalists.

This season Asger made a few friends in the madhouse, adding two collaborations to the conspiracy. Danish outerwear label 'Rains' have encouraged an industrial yet airy take on the rain-jacket and accessories, as if no-mans-land would be a walk in the park. Shoemakers Last Conspiracy have also foot printed a suave and sinister walk to the runway, with bold and unapologetic high top boots. Reptilian, industrial, with an evil wink to woodland, this is footwear for the unpredictable professional.

Call it the last conspiracy, but feel free to let the secret slip.

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