This is an excerpt from a program by John Ullmen, Ph.D., titled The Motivation Equation: Which 4 Steps Inspire Great Results Even During Difficult Times.

Depending on the client's needs, the program is given as a keynote speech or as a skills development workshop for organizations.

The program is intended for people in organizations who want to know how to motivate others for better performance and morale; or people who want strategies and techniques to revive and sustain their own motivation.

Program benefits include:

What are the two key reasons why attempts to motivate ourselves and others often fail?

Why do most motivation techniques only work for short periods of time?

What key motivational factor is missing from most goal-setting strategies?

What are the most important personal factors to focus on to increase motivated action?

How can you determine the specific conditions under which different people will respond most effectively?

What four steps can you take anytime, anywhere to increase motivation?

How can you create a sustainable motivation strategy for yourself and others?

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