Writers Pat James, Katherine Falk, Deda Kavanaugh and Patti Sheehy joined me amongst the art and creative muses of my family home, infused with the spirit of my mother, the late artist Alice Steer Wilson. This video includes my photos of the place as muse in various seasons as well as the recent January weekend, as well as my mother's paintings and the piano meditation of Ken Townshend. His music is available for download on itunes. All art, photography, and music is copyrighted to the creator, and offered here for your inspiration.

"The aftermath of non-violence is the creation of a beloved community."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thanks to my husband, Paul Stridick, for posting the above quote on his email this month. And thanks to MLK, Jr for the space he created with his life ands words. May we walk in it, and expand it.

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