With fast development of urbanization in China, the air pollution becomes worse and worse which has been a big challenge of both government and citizens. Beijing, the capital city in China, is under attack by fog and haze.
The air suspension with a lot of smoke,dust particles,make the line of sight fuzzy and lead to decreased visibility.
In order to reverse this environment crisis ,a young man who was born after 1990s kept taking pictures day by day for a whole year and made a series of photos to show the changing scene of air condition in Beijing. After uploading the 365 photos to social media,few hours later,people across this country start to pay attention and share the amazing pictures. All this young guy want is to tell people in China, situation of air condition and environment protecting is extremely severe.we should rethink of what we have done on consume and pollution and the chance to save our future is holding in everyone's hands.This film is to show how the touching story begins,how it goes on and recording how the truely real air pollution vision in China today.

A video by Nico Lee (China)

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