A requiem for my former life. My life before Jackie Evancho. Was it only a dream?

Requiem for a Dream is the 2nd of four Jackie tributes

to celebrate the first anniversary of discovering Jackie Evancho live in concert (Mar 14 2013 at the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto), I decided to create a tribute video to Jackie..

I had been listening to the music of Jennifer Thomas, and found so many inspiring pieces – especially as I thought of Jackie.. that was the germ of my tribute video idea.. one could pick any number of Thomas' compositions for a Jackie tribute, but four pieces seemed to stand out for me.. but how to pick just the right one..? - then it dawned on me - all four pieces were applicable – they represented different facets of My Jackie experience – not in sequence, but in parallel.. so this would be a multiple video tribute..

although the tribute is about my full Jackie experience from the moment I first discovered her in early 2011 (caught her Nessun Dorma on her DWM PBS Special while TV channel surfing one night between periods of a Stanley Cup hockey playoff game), since the tribute is in celebration of my 1st year anniversary having attended a Jackie concert, I chose photos from this past year (Mar 2013 to Mar 2014), focusing on my memories from her concerts that I attended, and other memorable events and/or photos of significance to me over this past year..

while there is a mix of different photos used in each video, there is also a sharing of photos among the videos.. it's to be expected, as each of the four videos stands on its own, allowing the music to express the feeling of that specific aspect of my Jackie experience.. for the most part, photos are presented in chronological order, though not necessarily so..

my four Jackie tribute videos, set to the music of Jennifer Thomas:
Secrets: No more secrets, Jackie is revealed.
Requiem for a Dream: My life before Jackie is like a dream.
New Life: My new life with Jackie is here.
Illumination: With Jackie, all is newly illuminated.

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