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Nate Blomquist


Nate Blomquist
Andy Latterner
Jack Yelle
Derek Alford
James Olson

Craig Cameron
Hunter Murphy
Tony Marchetti
Brian Wilson
Ian Daly
Matt Nyberg


The Ghastly Ones- Surfin' Spooks
Beetlejuice- Jump in Line (shake, shake,senora)
Aloosh- Butter *Hugo Kant remix

Doodles by James Olson

Hopped in the car and sent it, had to make a pit stop in Boulder for St. Pattys day
Jack saw a giant smart phone traveling at 80 miles per hour on I-80, we had to switch drivers
Champagne of champions
Snowboarding is a thing in Hawaii (Lavalanche)
It snowed in Boulder
Bad Girls Club
Derek packed the pumphouse
Met up with the homies in Denver in the common van, they woke up to a flat tire, fortunately it was only flat on the bottom
We saw a real boulder, in Boulder. It was almost too literal
Skated Arvada and Denver Park
Urban acrobatics
Andy AKA The Urban Cowboy AKA Andy Latterndown for what gave the dog explosive diarrhea

Black 6 chip in roulette wins
Guy with bleeding eye chased us down an escalator, it was too scary to help him, we let other people do it
30 racks
Got to Bear at 2 am, all the wine was gone
Melissa Evans is a G, so is Izzy
Bear was slow, forgot the base cleaner
Bradshaw is whenRwe
Rode with Nate Bard
Beef is also a G
Subway happened to often
Boulder Bay proposal, we ruined the moment being there
Budweiser beer bandits
Made it to the Grid before it closed

Boreal Party lines
CBC as always
Cut off from the bar
GBP threw a party
Cig claw, people liked it, until it got annoying
Austrailian Chicks
Rubbish is trash
Safeway runs
Kicked the can through the town of Kings Beach
Teddybear committed suicide
Strange Brew Car Bar
Trust falls
Craig AA meetings
Brandons birthday at CBC was nuts
Fireball and metal music in the parking ramp happened
Eat more Kale
Seat heater pranks
Pipe laps
Derek slept one day and didn't go to Boreal
Almost ran out of gas in the desert on the way home, oops
You don't need a big dick to ball hard
Team Spyder
Piggybank Cig in your eye
30 hour car ride straight on the way home
Here we go.. yeah!

Special thanks to Monument Snowboards, The Impaler, Mindy @Bear, Boreal, Strange Brew homies, Bad Girls Club, Corrine Cook and Melissa Evans


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