There are tons of comparison videos out there, but I still wanted to do one for myself. Ever since RAW video was first developed on ML I've wanted to shoot with it but wasn't able to until now.
I finally got a fast enough card for 1920x960 24p continuous RAW recording (Lexar 1066x 32gb CF).

Not a super technical comparison either, because I didn't set the normal H.264 picture style to be most editable, nor did I record with all keyframes mode, but it still shows some nice advantages of RAW in certain shots.

All footage shot in a range of one hour in Pasadena, CA. I'd like to continue shooting RAW videos in the future and build up a nice collection of clips. It will most definitely be useful in future projects as well

Lenses used:
Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro
Canon 50mm 1.8

Most shots were wide open aperture

HD please, and enjoy!


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