Yes, Schopenhauer got a bad rap. All but forgotten, so woven is he into the fabric of our present.

Monstrous and chaotic, he did indeed try to think without the Christian faith. He went quite a stretch. He raised the doctrine of negation to a veritable spiritual force. And he, in his own way, exuberantly perverted the Pascalian wager.

We need to learn such figures by heart before we can become weary of them. Before we can become more radical. We must turn them out as we turn them over. Let us not forget then those exasperated pessimists, cynics and nihilists who boisterously and humorously say nay to the times.

In our barbarous age, do we not need an ample dose of pessimism to counteract our inflated currency—HOPE?

Un monstre gai vaut mieux
Qu’un sentimental ennuyeaux.

(A gay monster is worth more than a sentimental bore.)

- Ludwig Fischer

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