Was observing the peregrine falcon atop the communications tower near the Pulau Ubin police station. It seemed bothered by some buzzing bees and kept moving about the railing on the tower. It had been sitting for about 45 minutes before it flew off. I followed it as it flew almost straight about 50 meters before it grabbed another smaller bird in flight. The grab was quick and effective as it moved it's legs back holding the captured bird below. The falcon flew back towards the tower and settled on a platform. Unfortunately, there was no clear view and I had to move to get a better vantage point.

I moved towards the jetty near the shore and saw that a part of the falcon could be seen from that corner. The falcon was plucking away at the feathers of the smaller bird which looked like a pigeon (or perhaps it was a mynah). Soon the air was filled with feathers. The breeze at the top of the tower carried away the feathers easily and many drifted down or away with the wind.

At about this time, a friend came by with some visitors to Ubin. They were thrilled to see the Falcon and the sight of it plucking away at the feathers of the preyed bird.

The group moved away to the basketball court near the NParks Volunteer hub to get a better viewpoint. Just a bit more of the Falcon could be seen but this was from a slightly longer distance and from an angle which was not much of an improvement. One could still make out the Falcon tearing apart the flesh and swallowing small chunks of meat.

Peregrine falcons are probably the most widespread birds of prey on the planet. They are known to be more commonly seen in Singapore during the migratory season between the months of October to April. These birds like high perch points and are sometimes seen high up on tall buildings looking down to spot suitable prey. They have even been recorded in Singapore's Central Business District.

A peregrine falcon is usually seen atop this tower at Pulau Ubin during the months of October to April each year coinciding with the migratory season. This may be the same falcon which has been seen for quite a few years. It can sometimes be seen in the trees near the Pekan Quarry as well. As of 1st May 2014, it seems to have disappeared from the tower and may have flown back North.
Let's hope it returns later this year too!

Some links to peregrine falcon activity :

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