Product Page: bit.ly/1dSjnoZ

Binary Mini Staffs are comprised of two 1.5 Ft. twist-on fiber optic blades and Ants on a Melon's six inch Double Sided Stellar Series RGB LED Flashlight. Stellar Series flashlights are capable of 27 color modes and are the World's first and only RGB LED flashlight threaded at the lens allowing users to twist-on a number of fiber optic accessories including the popular Space Lace Fiber Optic Whip.

As for any Ants on a Melon product, feel free to customize your prop's length, flashlight color or type of fiber optics used in the blade. No need to worry about assembling multiple LED units into your staff, as the Binary Mini Staffs have only three twist-on parts and come with a lifetime warranty. If you're not sold yet, this product comes with three rechargeable lithium ion batteries and a charger, eliminating the need to use single use alkaline batteries that are not only expensive but harsh on the environment.

Performer: Spades (SpinningSpades.com)

Song: Respect Urself
Artist: Russ Liquid

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