Ants on a Melon's Performance Cane is comprised of our Double Sided Stellar Series Flashlight, Stardust Saber and a short version of the Sol Saber which has a crystal head.

It measures approx. 3 Ft. long and is very rigid and durable. Our flashlight is capable of 27 color modes and is threaded at the lens allowing the user to twist-on a number of fiber optic accessories including the popular Space Lace Fiber Optic Whip.

Perform with confidence as this product is nearly indestructible and comes with Ants on a Melon's Lifetime Warranty.

As for any Ants on a Melon product feel free to customize any of the Saber lengths, flashlight body color or length and type of fiber optics used.

Performer: Spades (SpinningSpades.com)

Song: Proud Light
Artist: Russ Liquid

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