Transmutations is a five minute video created with high resolution photographs of encaustic paintings that are then morphed together in post to create a living stardust sensation. This video was designed as part of the installation Black (W)hole, created by the Einstein Collective. In the original installation, this video of morphing images plays in a continuous loop on the back wall of the space, creating an immersive experience as viewers move toward a central animation of a black hole projected onto the floor. The paintings are by lead artist Sara Mast; they reference Einstein's General Relativity equations scrawled in chalk on his blackboard, the solutions of which predicted the existence of black holes almost one hundred years ago. Einstein published the Theory of Relativity in 1916.
Photography, edit, sfx, Cindy Stillwell
5min video as loop or standalone, 2013 v1

for info on the larger project:

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