[make sure to watch the first Little Ninja Project as well: vimeo.com/5509870 ]

You asked for an ending...

I gave myself the deadline of 3 weeks. Weekends only, so please excuse the last minute typo's and unpolished elements. The project did not head anywhere near the direction I originally intended. There are two possible directions this could go (as far as I know). 1. I could continue the story. But I do not want to allow myself to do so until I can learn to make professional / efficient use of Blender's library system. Also I need to efficiently convert mocap (bvh) into usable data for Blender animation (which is not an easy task to discover). 2. I can scrap the whole thing forever...but of course saving the visions for use in a later project. The later would mean making something that looks and feels better. And that would also mean being in a position to fully express the story in its entirety.

Basically, I need a mentor if I'm going to improve any faster than I am now. The ideal situation would be me working directly under someone who is already doing what I want to do. Ideally. Animation-wise.

I hope this animation at least caused you to smile.

Till next time.

-Shane Newville

Software used:
-Adobe Premiere
-CoolEdit Pro 2
-FL Studio

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