Hi guys,

This is a continuing from where I left in the Arnold Shader for MARI 2.6 Video, the V-Ray Video goes to a more 101 comparison between my Custom shader and the Final Render. But this time I will be using my V-Ray Shader as an example.
In case you haven't seen the Arnold Shader for MARI Video
I highly recommend you to watch it first. -> vimeo.com/91053166

We are happy to share with you guys a video from our development phase of V-Ray shader for MARI 2.6.
A group of friends and I have been working for three months with the goal of making Mari a better look development tool. We are very close to release the V-Ray - VRayMtl shader for MARI(developed with support from Chaos Group), during the Alpha/Beta phase of Mari 2.6.

In addition, we also offer a new production workflow in the form of an automated texture exporter for Maya. The exporter works closely in conjunction with the new shader - sending across all texture inputs and shader attributes from Mari to Maya and building a new shading network from the exported data.

Hope you enjoy!

-Contact Info/Credits-
Shader Developer - Antonio Neto - netocg.fx@gmail.com - netocg.blogspot.com
Python Script Developer - Stuart Tozer - stutozer@gmail.com - materialism-blog.blogspot.com

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