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My goal is to raise $8,000. All of this money will pay for the Round Rock Symphony, The Texas Choral Consort, the engineer, producers, and venue. I'm getting a bargain on all that are involved and that's why I'm excited about this opportunity!

The perks are great! Everyone will get a copy of the recording as an mp3, CD, or vinyl. I'll have shirts and posters too. There will be a few special events that contributors will be invited as special guests and get v.i.p treatment (food, drinks, prizes)! This include a listening party in the fall of 2014 and a live performance in 2015. And lastly, I have a special perk for filmmakers who can use the new recording for their film OR get a free film scored by me!

Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will make the biggest difference in giving me hope and momentum. Just think about it?! A CHORAL SYMPHONY SUNG IN MEDIEVAL LATIN! How many times does that combination come across your plate? I'm really trying to do something grand hoping to inspire anyone who'll listen!

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