Nested at the heart of the town hall of Pau Pyrénées (France) LUSTlab presents White Hole Information Paradox – awareness of a building – part of a series of installations of its 'Internet of Spaces' project. A table with a lamp above is something we find in every house, almost every building. It is the universal place where people meet and share information. At the same time information is in transformation from paper to screen to ubiquitous, becoming mediumless. It can nest itself in any object, anywhere, at anytime, as long as we can underwrite the free right on availability of information and use this to rather create location profiles instead of using private user profiles. This means we have to redefine the intrinsic function of these objects (what do we do at a table), as well as how they interact with us while telling the stories we're asking for.

The WHIP is responding to this by aggregating over 1000 internet sources, analysing and interpreting the data on meaning, context and emotional value and visualizing it to the 'here', 'there' and 'everywhere' based on its location. Simultaneously it is able to scan its physical environment 360 degrees in 3D. Merging both information streams the over 50 screens of the table become a real time location related newspaper while the lamp notices us how our physical presence is affected by being both a satellite and a beacon.

A triptych of man, the physical environment and digital information, illuminating how the Internet of Spaces is fundamentally going to affect the way we experience spaces and the objects within.

Table built and designed in collaboration with Gebroeders Bosma

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