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David Derksen will launch Moiré Jewellery with the 010 – 020 Collective in Ventura Lambrate in Milan on Tuesday.

Each pendant is made from a piece of chemically etched brass, overlaid with a piece of etched stainless steel.

Moving either piece creates something called the Moiré effect. "If you have two layers of patterns, for example stripes or dots, and they rotate, you create a new pattern," says Derksen.

There are five pendants in the collection. One features two discs, both perforated with circular dots.

When the front disc is rotated from the centre, a series of expanding and contracting rings appears.

A similar design, when rotated from the top, creates a series of larger dots.

Two square discs pierced with square holes create a grid pattern. "When I started the project, I didn’t know what I wanted to make. I usually start my design process from a principle like gravity, or in this case the Moiré effect, and research it, and only afterwards do I think about how to apply it," says Derksen.

"I had a couple of small samples on my desk and I was playing with them constantly. It was then that I thought, 'We have to make something that you can play with.' I decided that if we made a pendant, it would add something to your outfit, but you could also look at it and play with it yourself. We wanted to make playful objects."

Moiré Jewellery which will be shown alongside Derksen's Oscillation Plates and Table Architecture as part of the 010 – 020 Collective at the Prometeo Gallery, Via Ventura 3, 20134 Milan Tuesday 8 April – Saturday 12 April 2014.

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