This video is going to help us raise $10,000 so we can publish our fourth anthology of veteran writing and artwork!
If you believe that veterans’ voices should be heard, their poetry read and their artwork contemplated, then please support this project. For some of our new writers, this anthology marks a turning point in their lives. This book is an opportunity to share their stories honestly with their community. This is a chance for veterans to be heard, to be understood, and to express themselves creatively. For our long-time participants, the book reflects how their writing and they themselves have changed throughout the years. For you, our allies, supporting this publication is an important step that you can take to help bridge the gap between veterans and civilians. By taking these veterans’ art into your life, you add texture and insight to your understanding of veterans’ experiences.
Thanks to all those who made this video: Lynn Estomin, Tyler Horst, Tony Heriza and John Kaeser.
There is more info at

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