Beverly Hills Thermal Medicine is a state of the art, comprehensive cancer center, employing thermal therapy heat treatments, also known as hyperthermia, alongside traditional cancer therapies. The coupling of thermal heat therapy with traditional cancer healing modalities has scientifically proven to improve treatment efficacy and response by up to 44% - without side effects.

Beverly Hills Thermal Medicine is the only, private, truly state-of-the-art cancer center to employ this hyperthermia cancer treatment in combination with radiation and/or chemotherapy.

At Beverly Hills Thermal Medicine, you can expect:

A soothing, spacious center with a warm and caring professional staff, natural lighting and entertainment
A technologically advanced radiation therapy center with IMRT, IGRT and SBRT
A spacious and comfortable chemotherapy center with optional private infusion rooms
A state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center with ACR accredited MRI, CT, PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Bone Density services
Complete on-site diagnostic laboratory and same day results (most cases)
Integrated care including nutrition, naturopathy and accupuncture
Customized cancer prevention and screening programs
Concierge services with free valet parking

The idea of using heat as a curative modality is not new, and is based on the natural response of the body to disease. In fact, Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” said, “What is not cured by the knife, may be cured by fire.” The ancient Egyptians also recorded using heat for healing in their hieroglyphic texts. And now, 30 years of modern scientific research has determined that the combination of heat treatment with radiation and/or chemotherapy dramatically improves cancer treatment response rates by as much as 44% - without side effects.

With close to 30 years of experience, Cyrus Rafie, is a pioneer in the treatment of cancer using hyperthermia and has participated in the treatment of over 2,500 cancer patients from all over the world. With the Medical Directorship of one of the leading experts in the field of hyperthermia, our unique approach offers an alternative to the traditional cancer treatment options in the most beautiful and technologically advanced facility available.

Thermal therapy is FDA approved and covered by most insurance, and has proven to be effective on a variety of different types of cancer and has exhibited marked results. In some studies, it has doubled a patient's response rate to radiation therapy: increasing survival, eliminating tumor sites, shrinking tumors and offering palliation. Increased survival and improved response rate has been clinically shown in these areas: Head and neck, thyroid, prostate, breast, axilla, chest, cervical and gynecological, colon, throat, melanoma, base of tongue, among others.

Beverly Hills Thermal Medicine is a unique and innovative cancer treatment clinic that operates with only one goal in mind - positive results. We are uniquely qualified to succeed with your treatment. Our mission is to use every integrated and traditional method to assist our patients in regaining their health and beating their cancer.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to regain your health. Please call Beverly Hills Thermal Medicine (888) 580-5900 today to see if thermal therapy is right for you and to schedule your first appointment.

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