Communities in a changing climate: Madagascar

A short film that gives a voice to the community of Manantenina in north-east Madagascar, off the coast of Africa. Like many others all over the world, this rural community is vulnerable to changes in the climate that are already happening.

This is a region of high rainfall and dense rain forest. The inhabitants of villages dotted among the wooded peaks rely on regular patterns of rainy and dry seasons for the cultivation of their crops of vanilla, coffee, banana, and rice. With the shifting seasons, the periods of drought have increased and the cyclones that regularly hit these parts have increased in number and intensity. With little options to move elsewhere or grow alternatives, the villagers of Manantenina seem to have little hope.

Filmed and directed by Jacqueline van Meygaarden.
Produced by Cosmos Productions

Copyright: Cosmos Productions. Please contact the producer for any screening requests, or for use in educational forums.

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