A little Magic Lantern RAW test on the 5D Mark III shot at my Dad's property in Vermont in February. All shot handheld without any stabilization on a overcast day.

The resolution is clearly far superior to the garbage we get using Canon .h264 video (which is unusable in my opinion at this point). But the amount of color information contained in the DNGs is incredible. The amount of grading you can do, particularly in colors (less in shadows and highlights) is amazing and addictive.

- Used MIRawViewer to output the DNGs from the .MLV files
- Brought DNGs into Davinci Resolve Lite, applied BMD film settings with highlight recovery and Hunter's LUT
- Outputted ProRes 422 (LT) files
- Organized the files in FCPX and cut the video
- Exported XML from FCPX and imported it into the Resolve project, relinking the .mov files to the DNGs.
- Graded the shots from the cut
- Outputted ProRes 444 files, replacing the 422 (LT) files so that they'd automatically update in FCPX
- Outputted the final video from FCPX to Vimeo

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