Project: BT Easter Ident 2014
Client: weareseventeen / BT
Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio

For this year's seasonal on-air kit, BT take a departure from their usual Easter centric subject matter and move towards the broader themes of Spring. London studio weareseventeen deliver on the polished motion graphics and continue their brand relationship with BT TV.

The concept behind the audio was to depict the beauty of the moment. We also had to consider that this ident was intended for use beyond it's seasonal engagement and could potentially precede drama programming. Detailed sound design establishes the growth of the foliage in the intro whilst an elegant and brooding piano brings up the rear. Once the petals are released the melody takes the fore and illustrates the unfolding events. Due to the ident's continuing use it was important that the piano remained in an ambiguous state of neither too positive or negative, yet invoking a sense of emotion.

We resolve with audio established for the earlier branding of BT TV, which you can view here:

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