About Cruel Summer
Danny Evans, an autistic seventeen-year-old, is setting out on the most important day of his young life. He’s camping alone in the wilderness as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. This may not sound like a big deal to most, but to an autistic sufferer like Danny, it’s the biggest challenge he has undertaken.
Nicholas, Julia and Calvin are also setting out on the most important day of Danny’s life, not to join him or offer support, but to hurt him.
Each teen has their own agenda for wanting to see Danny suffer; for Nicholas it’s the chance to restore respect after hearing news that Danny was romantically involved with his ex-girlfriend. For Julia, it’s the chance to finally win Nicholas over and for Calvin, it’s a chance to settle into his new neighbourhood.
The trio of teenagers track down their target and, as Danny peacefully carries out his duties, captured in the beauty of the country, he is completely unaware of who’s coming for him, or why.
Inspired by a true events, CRUEL SUMMER shows both sides of a brutal and senseless crime.

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